Zebrano wood writing implements

I’ve been enjoying some Zebrano wood writing implements from e+m Holzprodukte of Germany:

A ruler with embedded lead pointer, a ballpoint pen, a pencil extender, a 5.6mm leadholder, a 1.18mm mechanical pencil, and a 5.6mm leadholder.

A couple of the historic shapes (the all wood 1.18mm and 5.6mm pieces) are less practical, but all of the implements are very pleasing to look at and hold.

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  1. Very nice!
    It doesn’t come as a surprise that the ballpoint pen is the least attractive pen in your line up.

    About the wood, I assume it is from managed forests.
    I bought one of e+m’s pencil extenders in the past. Looks so nice…

  2. There are some very attractive items at that site, but I flee from the lack of stated prices!

    Although I’ve not bought anything made with zebra wood, a fellow from whom I recently bought a couple of dip pens sometimes works in it and will do so to-order.

    (It’s species that are treated as “common property” or no one’s property that become and stay endangered. Allowing organisms to be privately owned and harvested creates an incentive for them to be privately cultivated as well.)

  3. A friend of mine who is an instrument maker once told me that zebra wood is notoriously difficult to work with, owing to the differences in torque found within the wood. It wasn’t uncommon for him to have an instrument buckle late in the manufacturing process. I suppose since writing instruments are much smaller, that isn’t such a problem, but I wonder if there are any special considerations they need to take when making them.

  4. Dearest,
    please inform for me, where I am to buy this pencil zebrano and pricelist.
    thanks so much.
    ariestyawan hariyanto

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