David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler

David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler

The David Hayward Design 5mm Brushed Nickel Scribbler is a very well made leadholder/clutch pencil with an incredible heft. At 66 grams, it is heavy and dense, and by far the heaviest handheld writing implement that I own.

The aesthetic is one of simplicity, with clean lines and surfaces. It is a design for designers – it dares you to not pick it up and start drawing.

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  1. May I join in the praise for both the leadholder and the photo? – Is the clutch really split sixfold?

    I am happy to see that you’re back!

  2. Thank you for translating my awkward English into something comprehensible :-) I wonder who has manufactured the mechanics of this leadholder.

  3. Yes, there has been an awful drought: glad to see you posting again. Hayward’s big leadholder is suspiciously like one I bought at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

  4. Hi, I’m new to this website (starting to be a pencil hunter just 1 month ago).
    Good website overall, very interesting, and I like it (especially the comparison between pencils)!! I’ll wait your further posts, and I hope your further posts will not take another 6 months….

  5. Thanks for the reviews, the 5mm hexagonal has proved to be the most popular, just sold 200 to Russia. I work closely with E+M in Germany so you may see the hexagonal in various places. The barrel is machined from solid brass polished by hand and given a brushed nickel plated finish all done in England !! Bringing out a 2mm hexagonal clutch DUO which holds 2mm lead has a sharpener plus will hold a D1 ballpen refill.

    keep scribbling David Hayward

  6. Do you make pointers for your 5 or maybe 5.6mm clutch leads?
    I have a pen/lead set you designed.

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