The Regional Assembly of Text

Carrying on from yesterday’s post, Strikethru mentioned another great Vancouver stationer. A counterpoint to Paper-Ya, The Regional Assembly of Text is not in a tourist area, and focuses on products from individual craftspeople and small presses, rather than prominent brands.

The Regional Assembly of Text in Vancouver

The store is decorated as an homage to typewriters, filing cabinets, and yesteryear’s offices. It also has a small press/zine reading room that Strikethru described. TRAT is quite an amazing place for anyone who likes letterpress, and it is filled with high quality interesting (and sometimes quirky) paper and stationery items.

I picked up a few library and ledger journal inspired items.

The Regional Assembly of Text in Vancouver

Also worth noting – they give pencils as treats to customers!

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  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person in the world who’s purchased library card pockets from a retail store (it was an old stationery store, a few years ago).

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