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Early last year, posting at pencil talk started to trail off. There was no plan for a break. It just seemed to be harder and harder to create posts, until there came a point where it became a significant effort.

The interest in pencils and stationery hadn’t diminished, but family challenges and work duties have both called for greater attention. The blog was started in 2005, so there is little surprise that life has changed over these eight years.

A few recent posts have been an attempt to see if the energy and interest remain.

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  1. Either way, Stephen, your work over the last 8 years has been a source of interest and inspiration to me. So (selfishly) I hope you’re good for at least another 8 more. :)

  2. Well, as you can see there are some of us who still keep your blog on the list, and with my recent rekindling with my pencil and notebook interest I’ve started to collect again (do we ever get out of this madness?). It’s been a long break for me as well, but as I work on a computer all day I look forward to coming home to write something with a pencil and paper. No clickity click after work, well, except to make this comment on your blog…

  3. Well, I enjoy reading your blog. And yes, I had noticed the slowing down. I suggest you do whatever makes you happiest, blogless og blogwith.


  4. Stephen, this is one of the great, core blogs on the subject of pencils. I would hate to see it stop! You’ve had your break, Mister! Back to work!

  5. However you judge, my RSS subscription will remain, and I will eagerly read whatever and whenever you post!

  6. To tell the truth, I go back and read your archives when there hasn’t been a new post in a while (I don’t use a feedreader and come visit the page instead). I LOVE this website!

    I’d be the last one to fault anyone for taking a break, after I took one for several years. :) I am probably not alone in saying that whatever posting you can manage is greatly appreciated by we who enjoy your site so much.

  7. This reminds me that I should comment more on my favorite blogs to show that I do read them and appreciate them.

    “Real life” has to come first. I’ll keep you on my RSS reader and hope to see posts when and if you’re able.

  8. I enjoy your blog. I totally understand how a blog can go from being a delightful hobby to a troublesome chore. I do hope you continue to post. If you take a break between posts of months or years, that’s okay. I’ll come back when a post shows up in my feed.

  9. Just to let you know, your blog is one of the ones that recently made me interested in writing with pencils again after years of using pens only.

  10. I really love this blog, it is informative, well written and a great way for me to feed my graphite addiction. Keep fighting the good fight.

  11. I figured you got busy in the last year. I am very happy to see new entries even though I don’t usually comment on them. I should probably comment more. >_>;

    If you need to take a break, then take one. There’s always the older entries to go back and savor while you’re away. :) Even though you stopped posting, people kept commenting on older entries, so at least some of the community still find this blog useful.

  12. Hi, I’m newcomer :)
    Very good and useful blog you have here. hope you find the time to continue.

  13. Dear PencilTalk Bloggers, I live in South Africa and would therefore be starved – STARVED I tell you – of like-minded pencil afficionados (pencilphiles?) were it not for your five-star blog. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I check in every day – EVERY DAY I tell you – and literally devour your posts. I also wouldn’t be lying when I tell you that I have read every one of your posts, old and new. Whilst I quite understand that every blogger needs his break (and coincidentally, I skipped work early today so I could come home and spend time writing in my journal – Leuchtturm – in pencil – Staedtler 2H (alas these are the only kind of pencils we can get here; I can only dream lustfully about Blackwings and Triconderas))…where was I? Oh yes, bloggers and their breaks. Well, like the man said, you’ve had yours, now get back to work! Whether you blog daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, I will still check in every day…

  14. I love your blog! In particular, your post on the Mitsubishi Uni Pencil Holder actually made me buy one a few years back. Please continue writing on your blog whenever you get a chance.

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