Faber-Castell Grip Sparkle pencils

Faber-Castell Grip Sparkle pencils

Leading pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell recently extended their popular Grip pencil line with the “Sparkle”.

While at first glance it might seem easy to dismiss the product as just a novelty, the pencils really do exude charm when seen in person. They come in a variety of colours – only a few are shown here, and the lead is a B grade.

I don’t really know what the small sparkling pieces are made of – perhaps plastic? Using a less expensive sharpener might be a wise precaution.

Faber-Castell Grip Sparkle pencils

Faber-Castell has created an interesting and affordable product – these pencils are not premium priced, and have a remarkably nice finish.

Faber-Castell Grip Sparkle pencils

Does anyone like them?

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  1. I’ve never ordered from them before, but GOLLY they have some nice pencils they are willing to ship to the USA! Thanks!

  2. I love the Grip 2001 series so I’m a little giddy to try these. Are they the 2001s with new appearance or are they a lower quality pencil?

  3. Hi Ana, thanks for the comment. I suspect the 2001 and Sparkle pencils are the same except for the finish, but I can’t find a definitive statement online. I guess that’s a question that Faber-Castell would have to answer.

  4. Hi Ana, the quality in terms of lead and wood are exactly the same (being produced in the same factory in teh same manner).
    Just the finish is different – the rubber-like dots are replaced by shiny crystal-like ‘dents’ (while the rubber like dots concave, the sparkling dots are convex).

  5. I found these at a nearby pen shop recently and bought a bunch of them! I got the neon pink, turquoise, lavender and yellow ones. They’re gorgeous and write well. Really like them.

  6. Pretty! Even though I’ve imposed a pencil ban on myself (I have too many pencils!), I might pick these up if I see them. D:

  7. Lovely in lilac! Should have bought more than just 2. Why do we impose pencil bans on ourselves, pencils are relatively cheap, take little room, and disappear in time! What other stuff disappears like that, if you dont include food? We deserve nice pencils. They make being caught in the wheel of samsara so much lovelier.
    (Well, ok, there might be such a thing as too much – just wanted to let it out a little :)

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