Tiny Pencil

Tiny Pencil is a self-described “new all-graphite anthology artzine” launched by Amber Hsu in the UK. In my words, it is a fantastic new art magazine which showcases drawings composed with graphite media.

There is a lot of artistic diversity, with realistic and abstract styles, cartoons and classical studies all getting a place of honour.

As soon as I heard about this venture, I ordered a copy. Posing with some unprocessed graphite and clay:
Tiny Pencil ArtZine

And some photos provided by Tiny Pencil:

By Alex Higlett:
Tiny Pencil ArtZine

By Yoko Tanaka:
Tiny Pencil ArtZine

By Rachel Bray:
Tiny Pencil ArtZine

By Sigrid Rodli:
Tiny Pencil ArtZine

These images are copyright the individual artists, and used with the permission of Tiny Pencil.

When I’m in a public gallery, graphite drawings are often only present when the curator has decided to feature (and has the luxury of sufficient space to do so) the artist’s preparatory work. But when I look at one these haunting drawings by Yoko Tanaka, I don’t think that any finishing is necessary – it is a complete work.

Though it calls itself a “zine”, the volume is professionally bound and printed. If you order a copy, please let them know you heard about it here.

I am really glad to have learned about Tiny Pencil, and thank Amber for contacting the blog.

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