Final Post

November 1st will mark this blog’s ninth anniversary. It will also be the blog’s final day.

Nine years is a long time. Over this span, the blog has been a hobby, sometimes a burden, often a consuming passion, occasionally a second job, and always a great forum for those interested in exploring the art and science of pencils.

There have been wonderful discussions that I’ve truly enjoyed. I’ve met people who I’ll be keeping in touch with, and learned quite a bit about both blogging and pencils. There have been some fine fellow travelers in this journey, and I will mention Lexikaliker and Blackwing Pages as blogs whose passion and original research into pencils has regularly exceeded my own efforts.

The circumstances and costs of running an independent website have changed since 2005, and these are real factors, but in the end, the timing is right for this decision.

Thank you to the many readers, commenters, and correspondents who made this a special place.


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  1. This is sad news but I think I can understand your decision. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I have always admired your attention to details, the thoroughness of your posts and the wide range of items you have covered. I have been a faithful reader from the first day I came across you blog, and I have always taken it as an example for my reviews of pencils and related items. Thank you again, Stephen, and all best wishes!

  2. Nice to see penxiltalk up and running again, but then… Sad news indeed.
    When I read the first sentence I thought you just stop updating the page, but later you talk about costs (I assume financial, not time). Does that mean the site will be turned off?
    I hope you only so updating the site, but if the web site is being turned off, do you allow reposting of content?
    In any case it was great and I hope I can still see you in the comments on Lexikaliker and Blackwing Pages.
    Thanks for all the fun and information your blog has given us.

  3. Stephen, Sad to see you are closing your blog. Although I have not left a comment each time I read it, I have always enjoyed reading. You’ve done some really fine work and good writing along with your photos. Until I found this blog I had no idea there were so many pencils! I do hope you leave it up. It is a great resource. Thank you for a fun last few years (I was not reading this blog before about 2010. I do read some past posts though).

    I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

  4. Thanks for making me aware of so many fine pencils and graphite products through your comprehensive blog. Sad to see it end, and wish you the best.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    I was another of your silent but faithful readers. I am sad that this page will be gone but I respect your decision, and would like to say a big thank you for everything. And I do hope it’s not too late to get to know you! :)

  6. I am very sad about this, though I understand your decision. Have been a faithful reader since 2008, read the blog’s whole content and re-read many of the posts. The thing I now regret the most is that I think I should have participated more. It was a great reference for me, I am heartbroken to see it go. One last praise for the excellent job you did, I stand and applaud. Thank you Stephen!

    Wish you all the best,

    …It would be a lot more tolerable if you have picked other than my own birthday to do it! :-(

  7. Thank you for your many winderful articles. I have always enjoyed reading here, your blog has been a source of inspiration and information for me. All the best for your future endeavors!

  8. This blog was a relaxing corner for me at the end of some hard days. Reading your prose and watching your photos had that relaxing effect on me… Thank you very much.

  9. Your passion has always been inspiring, and the discussions you’ve fueled are unmatched. The Pencil Blogosphere hasn’t been the same without you lately, and it definitely won’t be the same going forward. I’ll miss your blog immensely. Thank you for the years of true Excellence. :)

  10. Sorry to hear this, Stephen. Thanks for all the articles! They’ve been very educational, and I always looked forward to new posts.
    I’ll miss PencilTalk. Will the website still be up, or will you take it down?

  11. This blog has been the pinnacle of ‘penciliar’ discussion, and a great weight for one individual to carry.
    So, I can understand the sentiment, and greatly appreciate the contribution you’ve made to this humble field, and say farewell. I’ll miss your sharp and informed critiques.

  12. Hi Stephen,

    I am shocked to hear this. And this is sad. This blog was really cool and hence my favorite.
    I used so many browsers with so many different versions of them.
    But you will find this site is favorite bookmark of each of them, even in my phone.
    I used to regularly check it for new posts.
    And today I checked it to see this post.

    I want to ask is that will the site be still up and accessible after 1 November or will it be down?
    And if it will be down, will the archives be downloadable?

    These archives contain so many good pics and info collected over the years with so many efforts.
    And hence, I believe that these contents must be available for people.

    I thank you for the joy you gave to all of us..!!


  13. Stephen, We’ll absolutely miss you and your incisive reviews! You were a great inspiration and reference source to me as I started my pencil blogging ventures (and still are!). Good luck in your current pursuits, and be in touch!


  14. Stephen,
    So sad that we won’t see this anymore. I wrote a article years ago for the local newspaper called “pushin pencils” but it was discontinued because the local paper didn’t like the way I spelled pushing…………how about that.
    Nobody understands but us pencil pushers…past and present! Going to miss u!

  15. I have been a regular reader, and you have provided lots of good information. I hope you have found a home for this content if you cannot keep the web site going anymore.

  16. Will there be new posts forthcoming on Pencil Talk? So excited this site is back up!

  17. I had been wondering for the longest time what happened to this blog since I visit it somewhat infrequently and since it had gone offline for a bit. I’m sad to finally know that it’s been closed, but I’m glad to see the blog posts back up. I hope everything has been going well for you and wish you well on your future endeavors. :)

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