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  1. What a nice site, happy birthday.
    Just today I found out that my all-time favorite is a Brevillier-Urban breviscript 2B with a brass cap. pictures of other samples: https://schlotforum.wordpress.com/tag/breviscript/
    Pulled out of grandma’s drawer and used it in primary school ’till it was an inch short more than 30 years ago. Knowing nothing about short hand or Austria’s pencil manufacturing heritage. Not one tear after my broken 60’s Montblanc but this pencil… The HB is still available branded cretacolor 155 02. I got some Faber castell 9008 (HB, B, 2B) today. 2B is nice but not the same.
    Detailed report scheduled to the day I find one. Best wishes from long time sleeping pencil lover in the Vienna woods.

  2. Hello,
    Could you may be help us to find pencils which are able to write on black paper (like memo blocks from Ito bindery).
    We would prefer Japanese pencils, but still interested in other countries too.
    Warm regards from France,

  3. Martin, thank you for your comment. I am glad you like the site.

    What an interesting pencil you found in that drawer! I wish steno pencils were more readily available today.

    Agnès, thank you for the comment. Perhaps white chalk pencils? Or will the luminescence of graphite suffice? I think this depends on the purpose. Even a gel marker could be a choice.

  4. Congratulations.

    I’ve just found your blog so I’m glad you brought it back.

    Found it doing a search for Sanford Draughting pencils 02237 that I just heard about in a watercolor class I took this week. Your blog came up on a google search.

    Happy you’re blogging again and congratulations on your 12th anniversary. (Would it be 9 years since you took 3 off?)

  5. Hi, I just found Pencil Talk and it seems great, congrats on your 12th year! I don’t know a ton about pencils, but I had an idea to try to sell an inexpensive pencil similar to the one in the patent by Hymen Lipman, with a sharpenable eraser in the back 1/3-1/4 of the pencil. I think this would be really useful for students and anyone who uses pencils to write often, because the eraser could be sharpened and reused, and it would also have a more precise point for specific erases. I am not sure why this is not used for every pencil now. What are your thoughts? Is there a reason this has not been done? Would you buy it? Thank you!

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