There is a pencil store…


Seeing is believing. There really is a dedicated pencil store.

CW Pencil Enterprise

We’ve heard about other pencil stores – the famed Gojuon in Tokyo’s Ginza district, Fancy Pencil Land in Chicago, and wasn’t there another novelty store a few years ago? Also, the boutique stores of the pencil companies. But CW Pencil Enterprise (CWPE) is probably the first to stock mainstream woodcase pencils from multiple brands and offer them in a retail environment.

I learned of CWPE some years ago, but having lived in either San Jose or Toronto since they opened, it never seemed accessible to me. The past weekend did afford an opportunity to visit New York City (my first real visit, apart from meetings/passing through).

CW Pencil Enterprise

The store (larger than I expected) is in a neighbourhood that may not be familiar to many visitors. The many photos I’ve seen did make it seem familiar.

CW Pencil Enterprise

The store is a visual delight. Lots of pencils of course.

CW Pencil Enterprise

Drop by if you get the chance.

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  1. I have ordered from CWPE many times over several years, and they ALWAYS provide fantastic service. A great selection of Japanese, Indian and European products. Wholeheartedly recommended.

  2. Love this place! Discovered it 2 years ago, and visit every time I am in Manhattan. And, yes, they have everything; even packs that are sent periodically to subscribers!

  3. On Point: Pencils from the Harley J. Spiller collection is on exhibition now thru February 14, 2020, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at Ace Hotel 20 W. 29th Street in Manhattan. Pencil Essentials, a zine by the collector, is available for purchase.

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