I wish there was a pencil show

The day before yesterday, I attended Scriptus, which is Toronto’s annual pen show.

My third time attending, the show was crowded and successful (elbow to elbow at times, it was too crowded for my personal tastes, but others seemed to be enjoying the energy).

Unfortunately, the show seemed to have almost nothing for a pencil/graphite aficionado. I don’t mean to complain – the show is run by volunteers, and there is no admission fee – the bills are paid by renting tables to vendors and the sale of raffle tickets. The organizers have my admiration.

In 2019, there should be a place for pencil fans and vendors to meet. It could be as participants in pen/stationery shows. Or someone could step up and create a dedicated pencil event. I do know that the American Pencil Collectors society has a biennial meeting in the midwest US, but I’m imagining something more mainstream and accessible.

All thoughts on this subject are welcome.

3 Replies to “I wish there was a pencil show”

  1. Pencil show? YES! Pencils have been the afterthought step-sister (or some other mixed metaphor) at pen shows long enough. Bring on the graphite! And don’t forget colored pencils! And vintage of both!

  2. I would love to see something like this too. We attend the Dallas Pen Show each year (for about the last 6-7 years), which my wife loves, but I see very little to grab my attention.

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