Staedtler pencilmaker set

Staedtler pencilmaker set

Staedtler kindly sent pencil talk a sample of their new pencilmaker set.

The official product description in English is “7-piece historic pencil kit including instructions,” and the model number is “61 HP KIT”.

Readers of Lexikaliker know that the product was unveiled at the 2011 Paperworld show, and part of a larger series of pencil products with historic themed packaging.

The set contains two carpenter style pencil slats, a rectangular lead, string, glue, a seal, and instructions.

For some years, Staedtler has promoted their brand with employees in historical garb performing pencil making demonstrations. A little online searching reveals that these events are held in many countries.

As well, finished historic appearance pencil products have been packaged, as shown in the first volume of Stationery Magazine.

I am told the best place to observe the rendition of historic pencil making craft is at Nürnberg’s Christkindlmarkt. If you haven’t heard of a Christkindlmarkt, the Guardian has a nice piece on them. There is even one in my own backyard, though I haven’t been to it.

The kit is simple enough that I think it doesn’t need too much explanation. The version I received differs from the one seen at Bleistift and in official photos in that the slats in my version don’t have any markings. i.e. they are not marked “Staedtler”.

Staedtler pencilmaker set

As Joan asked, a key question is – are you going to assemble the pencil and use it, or just keep the set as a memento?

Staedtler sent this sample, but that’s far from all they did. They contacted pencil talk about giving away 175 sets (corresponding to their 175th corporate anniversary) via this blog. I was amazed. Manufacturers have regularly sent items for review or as contest promotions, but never anything at even close to this scale.

Staedtler pencilmaker set

The logistics alone represent a significant expenditure by Staedtler. And it was all done very graciously with just a few coordinating phone calls. The kit fits so well with the interests of pencil talk readers – it is great promotion, and I sincerely thank Staedtler for choosing to reach out this way.

Staedtler pencilmaker set

Some further details – the kits are being given away on a first come, first served basis. As of June 3rd, about 75 kits were claimed, and there are still some available as of the 6th. Shipping will not begin until late June, so please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

To request a free pencilmaker set, see the details in the previous post.


In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the JS Staedtler pencil making plant in Nürnberg, we are offering a limited quantity of “Historic Pencil Maker” Kits, free of charge, to Pencil Talk readers. Simply email us, and tell us what you like best about Staedtler pencils and how you use them. Only 175 tins are available to readers in Canada and the USA.

Manufacture your personal historic pencil just like Friedrich Staedtler in former times! The construction kit comes with all necessary materials; wood, lead, glue sealing wax and string. Step-by-step instructions included. Packed in metal tin with historic motif.

This kit is not available at retailers in Canada or the USA.

Email: and tell us why you should have one to add to your collection.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


The special offer from Staedtler has ended. All 175 kits have been claimed. Winners will be notified by the end of today (June 15, 2011).

Thank you to Staedtler for this very generous offer!