In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the JS Staedtler pencil making plant in Nürnberg, we are offering a limited quantity of “Historic Pencil Maker” Kits, free of charge, to Pencil Talk readers. Simply email us, and tell us what you like best about Staedtler pencils and how you use them. Only 175 tins are available to readers in Canada and the USA.

Manufacture your personal historic pencil just like Friedrich Staedtler in former times! The construction kit comes with all necessary materials; wood, lead, glue sealing wax and string. Step-by-step instructions included. Packed in metal tin with historic motif.

This kit is not available at retailers in Canada or the USA.

Email: Advertising@staedtler.ca and tell us why you should have one to add to your collection.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


The special offer from Staedtler has ended. All 175 kits have been claimed. Winners will be notified by the end of today (June 15, 2011).

Thank you to Staedtler for this very generous offer!


  1. I’d like to thank Staedtler-Mars Ltd. for their support of Pencil Talk. Giving 175 pencil making kits to the blog readership is an incredibly generous offer.

    – Stephen

  2. This is an amazing offer. Though I have been following Pencil Talk for awhile now, I have not before made a comment. Thank you for this very well done blog and all of the information you have provided through it. I enjoy following your blog as both an artist and a collector. Draftsmanship, artistry and design are very much a part of my family history. In fact, my grandfather was one of the designers that worked on the Martin Mars aircraft project. Perhaps another reason I enjoy the Steadtler Mars Lumograph series….

  3. Outstanding offer! I just e-mailed them. Thanks for posting this and hope I get to add this item to my collection of Staedtler drawing supplies.

  4. I’ve always been curious about these kits. Sadly, I’m not in North America, and even if I were, I’m not sure I could ever find a use for a kit pencil. Still, a very generous offer from Staedtler.

  5. Samuel, thank you very much for your kind comment.

    Robert, the kit, as I see it, is a memento or commemorative item. I suspect not too many recipients will be constructing and using their pencils. The offer is geographically limited, but understandable given the number of products being offered.

  6. wow, what an amazing offer! i’ve never posted a comment on this board but this is just too good not to.
    thank you to everyone involved. my email was just sent.



  7. This is a great promotion considering the kit isn’t for sale in the US. Thanks Penciltalk!

    Unlike most, I would definitely assemble, sharpen and use the pencil in the kit if I was lucky enough to get one. Just for the experience and greater understanding of what it was like to use one of the earliest pencils.

  8. Amazing – great job Stephen. I’ll never use anything but Staedtler from now on :-)
    (Ok I’m not living in the “target area”, but anyway…)

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful offer!
    It’s pretty amazing to see that Staedtler is being so generous.

  10. Hi,

    I’m already a proud owner of one of this kits (I live in Catalonia, Europe) and I would like to ask you something. What are you going to do with your kits? Ensemble them and make a final pencil (and use it) or just keep it in the metal tin forever?

    What are your thoughts?


  11. If Staedtler sees fit to bestow upon me a pencil kit, I’ll almost certainly put the pencil together. That way, you get a strange archaic pencil and a freed up pencil tin at the same time. I’m not sure where I’ll be able to find an appropriate hat though.

  12. I sent an email to Staedtler but received notice that my email cannot be delivered.

  13. Haha! This would be something that I would genuinely treasure! I have long loved their pencils, though my love of their products began with their technical pens, which in the early mid-’70s were amazingly better than the rival pens that I tried.

    (Wait. Am I allowed to mention pens here?)

  14. What an amazing offer! I have bought such a kit recently so I can live with the fact that the offer isn’t valid for Germany ;-) To all the lucky ones who will receive a kit: Enjoy it!

  15. I hope I get one :) Maybe I am odd, but I actually use carpenter pencils, along with others. So the hand assembled ones aren’t that strange or archaic to me . . .

  16. Some sets were still available as of yesterday. If you’ve already requested a set via Staedtler, you should get one. If not – don’t delay!

  17. A Big thanks to both Staedtler and pencil talk!! I just received an email indicating that I will receive a kit. What a really cool way to promote great products!

  18. As a dad with school-aged kids in the household that goes through lots of pencils, we’re excited to be in the recipient list for the pencil kit. Good novelty for the summer education sessions.

  19. As a lifelong artist I treasure fine pencils like what I think this set will make. Now in my retirement, I would really enjoy owning one. Pray that I’m not too late.

  20. I requested a kit, but have not received an email confirming that I am getting one. Is something wrong?

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