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Prismacolor Turquoise Pencil

Here’s a modern pencil with a unique retro look and quite a bit of history. The Eagle Turquoise dates from at least 1901 (according to the Berol UK website) and is mentioned in Petroski’s The Pencil. It was made by Eagle (which became Berol), and eventually acquired by Sanford.

The pencil is turquoise (did […]

Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Pencil

Following the immense success of the fantastic Grip 2001 pencil, Faber-Castell extended the line with erasers, sharpeners, colour pencils, mechanical pencils, and this, an oversize pencil.

Marketed as being easy to grip, and useful for children learning to write, both the pencil and the lead core of the Jumbo grip are oversize. Unlike the […]

Bruynzeel High Grade 1605 Pencil

It’s always great to find a new pencil brand. Though I had heard the name long ago, it was quite a while before I found some pencils made by Bruynzeel in the Netherlands.

They came in a tin of the sort that’s found at art supply stores, with a range of pencil grades. […]

Faber-Castell Aluminum Perfect Pencil line extended with black + silver pencils.

Faber-Castell has introduced a silver and black extension to their Aluminum Perfect Pencil.

The Perfect Pencil line is a series of pencil extenders that serve as stylish point protectors, and feature clips and built-in sharpeners. Higher end models in sterling silver, stainless steel, and white gold rank with fine fountain pens as luxury […]

International Arrivals Carpenter Pencils

This is the second mention of products from International Arrivals on this site. These Taiwanese made carpenter pencils are striking in their retail environs – are there carpenters who shop at designer knick-knack shops? Probably – but not while looking for carpentry supplies. They are a bright varnished (and impractical) white.

They’re great […]