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Apsara Gold for executives pencil

The first in a series on the pencils of the Hindustan Pencil Company.

There is something plucky and charming about a woodcase pencil that announces its elite market.

This isn’t just the “Apsara Gold” – it is the “Apsara Gold for executives”!

The black and gold pencil is definitely distinctive and handsome.


International Arrivals pencil sharpener

One small mystery solved.

The International Arrivals pencils – fluorescent and carpenter – have no practical way to sharpen them.

A lucky break came my way, and I found the right sharpener at a local bookstore – a place with no other International Arrivals products that I could see.

Much larger than […]

Pencils at Lexikaliker

Even though there have been few updates here this month, Lexikaliker has more than picked up the challenge of discussing pencils! (With much better photography!)

Some recent pencil-related posts:

Spitzer spitzen (2)

The Tombow long point sharpener, with some excellent photos documenting how this sharpener works.

Graphit statt Teer

The Eyeball Cigarette pencil. […]

A fun pencil making kit

Photo: Exterior of box.

We’ve previously seen a small kit that documents the steps in pencil production. Here is a set that lets you make your own pencils!

Pre-cut slats, colour cores, and glue are provided.

Paint is not provided, and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what type […]

Chung Hwa 120 red and blue pencil

Also from China First Pencil is the Chung Hwa 120 red and blue pencil.

The mere existence of this pencil suggests that the humble red and blue pencil really is an international standard. Unusual as they may be, many of the larger pencil manufacturers still have such an item in their product list.


Coming soon

Perhaps the most exotic pencils yet seen at pencil talk: