Pencils at Lexikaliker

Pencils at Lexikaliker

Even though there have been few updates here this month, Lexikaliker has more than picked up the challenge of discussing pencils! (With much better photography!)

Some recent pencil-related posts:

Spitzer spitzen (2)

The Tombow long point sharpener, with some excellent photos documenting how this sharpener works.

Graphit statt Teer

The Eyeball Cigarette pencil. An outstanding photo.

Here is the Google translation of the first sentence:

As a non-smoker Bleischreiber of blackness, I do not my lungs, but a lot of paper.

Here is my translation:

As a non-smoking lead pencil user, I don’t like to blacken my lungs, but I do like to blacken paper.

Any better?

Herlitz Wirtestift

The Herlitz black and grey waiter’s pencil. Who knew waiters had their own pencils?

LYRA Gärtnerstift

The Lyra Garden Pen (a pencil). Gardening is just about at the end of season here in Canada, but this post will live on!

4 Replies to “Pencils at Lexikaliker”

  1. thank you for linking another source for interesting info. i like that tombow pencil sharpener very much i’m trying to find one online :).

  2. We are looking for a German manufacturing company who can produce pencils and can print directly onto the wood or a white base in four colour process litho, 240,000 pencils 8 different designs. Please note we already have options for printing 5 spot colours, unfortuntately this does not accomodate the designs required to be printed on the pencils. Would appreciate any information concerning the above requirement.

  3. The waiter’s pencil, according to the website, writes on wet surfaces–like a waiter’s notepad, often.

  4. You can still find restaurants where your order is written by the waiter on a corner of your paper tablecloth. When you are finished, the waiter puts the prices beside each item, adds it up, takes your money, makes change and off you go. That’s what a waiter’s pencil is for!

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