A fun pencil making kit

Dong-A EQ/IQ pencil making kit
Photo: Exterior of box.

We’ve previously seen a small kit that documents the steps in pencil production. Here is a set that lets you make your own pencils!

Dong-A EQ/IQ pencil making kit

Pre-cut slats, colour cores, and glue are provided.

Dong-A EQ/IQ pencil making kit

Paint is not provided, and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what type might be appropriate and safe.

Dong-A EQ/IQ pencil making kit

I do plan on making the pencils after finding the right paint. Noticing a red core and a blue core, it should be possible to cut them each in half to make two red and blue pencils!

I thank blog reader Jieun for sending this excellent and fun item to me.

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  1. I think you can use any acrylic /water based paint for this. If you really want to do in nice use some white or grey primer first, and then apply several coats of thin acrylic paint. It will make a very nice deep and rich finish that is thick, smooth and almost glowing.

  2. Just checking in on your site and saw this one. I actually had this idea about 4 years ago and shared it with a number of customers making pencils with our slats. Seems like someone might have taken me up on this idea. My original concept also had a handcrank mechanical system for splitting the pencils from the sandwich after gluing and one also for painting the pencils. I called it “My Own Pencil Factory”. You did not mention who the producer of this item is. It looks like it comes from one of the Japanese producers. Can you share that info?

  3. Can you make any color lead I want? What about diameter of the leads can you change that also?

    Thanks Fred

  4. Fred, the item shown here is sold in Korea, and was received as a gift. I don’t know how to purchase it. If you are outside Korea, it will be difficult to acquire. Yet, other manufacturers, including Faber-Castell, also make similar items.

  5. penciladmin Thank you so much! I’m trying to figure this whole thing out. I read the questions of other people but I don’t know where the answers are. This sight is big and I’m starting to get it.
    I too would like to know where to buy a pencil making kit and how much they are?

    Thanks Fred

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