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Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en!

This year, neighborhood kids will be getting a few Hallowe’en pencils. (Don’t worry, I’m not cruel – this is in addition to the usual chocolates and such.)

The themed pencils came from a promotional offer at

Spielen & Lernen 2008

I’m not sure how a German language pencil catalogue landed at a “Sears” store in Canada, but so be it. This is Faber-Castell’s catalogue for their children’s line.

Here are a few interesting things I noticed:

* Several varieties/extensions of the “Grip” line – including a compass, and several colour pencil sets.

* A […]

Pencil Boxes (IV) – the KUM Nic Nac Box

A late addition to our series on pencil boxes, the Nic Nac Box is a less known offering from sharpener manufacturer KUM.

A plastic box in light tinted blue, the removable lid becomes a standalone ruler. While on the box, a sliding overlay with a window supports looking up a multiplication table.


Fila Electrographic 203 pencil

The Fila Electrographic 203 is an exceptional pencil.

Made by Fila in Firenze (Florence), Italy, the pencil has an unrounded hexagonal shape and an outstanding fire engine red finish. The lead is like that of the cousin IBM Electrographic – leaving an extremely dense, rich, saturated black line.

The lead is of […]

Faber-Castell Grip 2001 and Jumbo Grip in alternate finishes

Found by accident – the familiar Faber-Castell Grip 2001 and Jumbo Grip in alternate finishes – red and blue, rather than silver.

The red and blue Grip 2001s (Grips 2001?) don’t indicate a degree, but appear similar to either a B or 2B.


Faber-Castell design pencil (II)

A round pencil with grip enhancements, this is Faber-Castell’s latest “design pencil”. We saw another version last year. It seems like an ongoing occasional series.

A winner of a “reddot design award”, it also comes in black, though I have just the white and silver versions. The white is “pearly”, while the silver has […]