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Lung Sketching Scrolls

Lung Sketching Scrolls is a most engaging blog. Alberto, apart from regularly contributing comments here (always appreciated!) – has – and uses – a great wealth of pencils and drawing supplies. He writes about drawing and art supplies, with many excellent photos of his artwork and insights into the hard work that accompanies the […]

Train Pencils (the prequel)

More amazing, beautiful, train-theme pencils from Tombow. I was lucky enough to find a source for the original set of train pencil boxes, numbers one through four. We have previously seen boxes five through eight.

Three years ago, I associated novelty pencils with the lowest level of pencil making. How wrong I was! […]

Kaweco Sport Classic 3.15mm clutch pencil

I recently stumbled across a fascinating clutch pencil – inexpensive yet classic. What really amazed me was the clear external casing. The inner secrets revealed!

Lightweight at 11.3g, the octagonal pencil has been a very useful travel companion the last few days. Only one issue – at times, it seems too short for […]

Stabilo Trio 362 pencil

The Stabilo Trio 362 is an oversized triangular pencil in a natural finish with a splash of colour on the cap.

The pencil is marked “3-6 Gripping Standard”. The packaging reveals the meaning. Can you guess? That’s right, this pencil is meant for three to six year olds!

The core is an […] opens brick and mortar store is setting up a brick and mortar retail store.

The store opens tomorrow, November 23, 2008, and we wish them well!

Bundoki was one of the first businesses to start selling Japanese pencils to the rest of the world via the web. While these pencils were previously known and available to professional […]

General’s Cedar Pointe 333 pencil

Here is a pencil that I know many pencil talk readers already know and like – the General’s Cedar Pointe 333 pencil.

It is a “natural finish” unlacquered pencil that emphasizes the pencil’s cedar origins in both name and appearance. Note how prominent the woodgrain appears. And for anyone who enjoys the traditional […]