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LAMY woodcase pencils

Some major news – LAMY, a company renowned for the advanced industrial design of their fountain pens and mechanical pencils – have released a line of woodcase pencils.

Please enjoy the first views at Lexikaliker.

Let’s hope LAMY will offer wide distribution.

On the cloud

This blog is now coming to you from – somewhere, aka the cloud.

I hope it is faster. There may be a couple of things that don’t yet work.

Pencil displays – showcasing your pencils

Collectors and accumulators of woodcase pencils have long looked for display options, and the choices are few. As well as offering a collection of 500 colour pencils, Felissimo is a rare vendor of display cases for pencils. Today we’ll look at their “Aurora” and “Flower Vase” models.

I am sure that some craftsperson out […]

Very tiny pencils

Very tiny pencils. They didn’t survive the post office treatment:

For comparison, with a standard pencil:

They aren’t novelty pencils – they have a 9 to 5 job, filling out customer surveys.

Only about 2mm in diameter, they appear to be constructed like a regular pencil. I’ve never previously seen one.

My thanks […]

doane paper

A previous post mentioned a successful stationery shopping trip. One of the brands I picked up was “doane paper”. I had definitely heard of these fine folks via The Pen Addict. The Addict uses doane paper in all his reviews. It may be an addiction. The paper’s grid combines traditional lined ruling with squared […]

Pencil review: Derwent Graphic

It is a bit of a shock to realize that this website has existed for so many years without offering a single article on a product from this particular manufacturer. With a location near the original Borrowdale graphite mine and the beginnings of the lead pencil industry, as well as offering a broad and internationally […]