Happy birthday pencil talk!

This is the second anniversary of this blog.

Two months ago, the web address changed. Today, that change is being consolidated with a new blog title. This aligns the blog name with the domain name, and reflects the fact that the posts about pencils have been the vast majority. (We’ll continue to discuss paper, pens, and other stationery and office items.)

A final step may be the end of forwarding from pencils.smoky.ca in January, 2008. An odd thing happened in September – after several months of consistently being one of the top ten results when searching for “pencils”, the blog seemed to disappear from search engines. This is despite forwarding from the old domain. My understanding of this is that multiple (or even two) domains pointing to the same content is a condition flagged by search engines as suspect.

So, please update any old bookmarks or links you may have.

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  1. The blog’s original title was “paper and pencils”. I wanted to end the situation where the blog name had little or nothing to do with the domain name.

    Our third anniversary is next week!

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