Results (The Great Debate II: pencils with or without an eraser?)

Thank you to all who voted and/or commented.

By a wide margin (30 to 9), this corner of pencildom has voted for pencils without erasers.

Comments indicated a wide variety of views. scruss finds that a ferrule and eraser ruin a pencil’s balance, while Matt took the opposite view.

People here certainly use pencils! burmeseboyz noted that the ferrule/eraser interfere with pencil extenders, while Kent educated us with some cultural history.

Though few in number, votes came from at least four continents!

Combining the results with those of the first poll, pencil aficionados want their pencils sold unsharpened, with no eraser. I’d say this is reflected to some extent in the way the very top tier of pencils tend to be sold (e.g. Tombow), but not by the overall marketplace. This may be appropriate, since I doubt that those who frequent sites like this are typical pencil consumers.

Thanks again to all participants.

One Reply to “Results (The Great Debate II: pencils with or without an eraser?)”

  1. Erasers with Ferrule hardly makes the Pencil unbalanced, the Eraser topper would make the Pencil unbalanced. I think the Eraser and Ferrule is as light as the Pencil and a great addition to convenience.
    I just dread the idea of putting the Pencil down to pick up a Seperate Eraser every time an error is made. I think an Eraser tipped Pencil is easier to keep up with!

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