Colleen Pencil Co. selling teak pencils

We mentioned in July that the revived Colleen Pencil Co. had made some significant announcements, including some fascinating new products.

The Colleen web store now seems to be online. A dozen teak pencils sell for JPY4200. I didn’t see the Hi-Pierce pencil for sale.

Unfortunately, it appears sales are to Japan only, via Japan Post COD. I hope Colleen will expand sales to other countries soon.

2 Replies to “Colleen Pencil Co. selling teak pencils”

  1. why do you email them? they may send some to you, since you have a “famous” pencil blog and can give them some free publicity? or find a friend to order some for you?

  2. Hi Germ, “why don’t (I) email them?”

    Trust me, I have emailed them. :-) There are both language and geography barriers, but one way or another, I am working on acquiring some of the new Colleen pencils.

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