Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

Though many of us might think denim is blue – apparently it is also “green”, when recycled for use as a pencil casing.

A very unusual offering, the SRX hails from Mega Brands, who own the RoseArt pencil facility. RoseArt isn’t mentioned in the packaging, and it isn’t clear if they were somehow involved in the pencil’s production.

Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

The packaging states:

Made in China. Assembled in USA. Keep this information.

I will.

Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

The pencil is a – dare I say it – denim blue – with silver ferrule and blue eraser. The lettering is silver.

Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

The pencil is slightly bendable, and has a very grippable surface. I suspect the flexibility would make it quite durable over time. Like other extruded pencils, the shavings are voluminous yet neatly contained.

Mega Brands SRX Green Recycled Denim pencil

It writes somewhat faintly, yet smoothly. I can imagine this pencil being very popular.

My thanks to blog reader Joshua for sending me this pencil.

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  1. I had a bunch of similar pencils I bought in Texas about 10 years ago that I got rid of because they wrote too faintly for my taste. I have one left at work. Let’s see—it’s marked “Berol [with a squiggly over the r] EAGLE JEANS USA HB 2 [with a line under the 2]” Blue eraser, silver ferrule.

    They do sharpen well.

  2. I remember getting a package of recycled denim pencils as a kid (around 15 years ago). I got them because the school had banned ‘Yikes!’ pencils (too many thefts). I’m not sure whether my school was unique, but us kids seem to put a big emphasis on pencils. Atleast a couple of different brands became popular until the school was forced to ban them. It’s kinda nuts to think we’d fight over something like that. Behold the power of the PENCIL!

  3. I have some silver and black Yikes pencils with tire tread type erasers. I bought them whilst in my 30s. Had no idea they were so popular with kids. Wonder why they were discontinued. I heard black notebook paper was banned in many schools. All the fun stuff!

  4. does anyone knows how to mkae recycled denim jeans pencil?
    i need it for my project at school, that’s why i’ve been browsing around the internet and found none 0.0

  5. oh, and one more thing, i don’t really need the procedures, I just need the materials

  6. i got those @ target at the beginning of last school year and then they stopped selling them and i can’t find them anywhere not even @ office max or staples. I’m okay with ordering online, i just want these exact ones! I don’t want ones with words on them i want the Mega Brands SRX Green recycled denim pencil

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