Get The Lead Out!

Get The Lead Out, by Barrel of a Pencil

Pencil loving crossword puzzle fans, take note! Created by Barrel of a Pencil, Get The Lead Out! is a pencil themed crossword puzzle, downloadable in printable PDF format.

We’ll publish the solution in two weeks.

My sincere thanks to Barrel of a Pencil for a unique and entertaining contribution!


[Update, March 25, 2009] The puzzle has been updated by Barrel of a Pencil. The corrected version is now available for download via the same link.

[Update, March 30, 2009] The puzzle has been amended by Barrel of a Pencil to better accommodate the issue noted by Michael Leddy. The latest version is now available for download via the same link. Thanks, Barrel, for this commitment to quality!

6 Replies to “Get The Lead Out!”

  1. Really nice puzzle — many very clever clues, and great pencil-themed answers, some entirely unexpected.

    I think there might be one error though — the letter that must start 71A doesn’t seem to square with the answer for 54D. If I’m right, the problem could be solved with a new clue for 54D. If I’m just confused here, I’d welcome help from anyone who can clear things up.

    Thanks again to Barrel of a Pencil for a fine puzzle.

  2. Hi Michael, you most certainly are not confused, good catch! The proofreader has been given an hour’s head start. I believe I know the simple fix you have in mind. Thanks for that!

    A.J. and Michael, thank you both for your kind words.

  3. Not interested in the crossword really…but what is it with the ‘in origional Scots’ …it’s Scottish…or Doric that you’re talking about, not ‘Scots’…

    yup, I’m from Scotland…it peeves me slightly to see that

  4. I’m about to start my nineteenth nervous breakdown ;-)

    I never was any good at crosswords but I’ll get there – I’ll get there

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