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1. Get The Lead Out! has been made a “sticky” post until we publish the solution on April 7th, 2009. This should keep it on the top of the front page, while still allowing for new posts in the interim. I haven’t tried this technique before, so please tell me if there are any problems.

The crossword puzzle is a significant contribution, and it deserves top billing. I’d like to thank Barrel of a Pencil for sharing it with us. Thanks as well for the mention on Orange Crate Art.

2. There have been some great recent posts at Lexikaliker.

Does anyone know the full story of the Memorandum pencil?

Also, take a look at the great graphics of the Faber Alligator pencil.

3. Did I mention Orange Crate Art? This week featured an excellent post on the Mongol No. 2 3/8 pencil.

4. Lung Sketching Scrolls has a great post on improvised pencil holders made from plastic pens! They seem to work, and strike me as a great way to reuse a disposable item. Barrel of a Pencil seems to also have informed that review!

Another post I loved was a review of lead pointers! Alberto even has a classic Koh-I-Noor Precision that he found at retail. Great stuff. (Cf. my review.)

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  1. Thanks for including a couple of my posts in your News round up. Yup, Barrel indeed suggested the “improvised pencil holder” idea and kindly sent me those 3 pens with suitable bodies to work as pencil extenders. The KIN Precision lead pointer was a lucky find at Pearl Ft. Lauderdale headquarters after they took on the remaining stock from one of their stores that closed in Altamonte Springs. Going to have to go back to check out what other treasures might lurk among the aisles.

  2. Thank you for the compliments and for linking to my blog! :-)

    Yesterday I have learned that these pencils were called “pocket pencils” (“Taschenbleistifte” in German); hence their length. The metal part was known as “dish cap” (“Tellerkapsel”) which kept the pencils from sliding through the spine of the calendars and notebooks in which they were kept. “J.D.F.” could have been the name of a calender manufacturer who has sold these pocket pencils together with his products. – I have updated my blog post with this information in German.

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