An interesting coincidence


First, happy Thanksgiving to pencil talk readers in the United States!

The last two posts were about Faber-Castell pencils. I was doing some further research and came across a recent article in the New York Post: The pencil count.

Apart from being a very unusual interview with Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, e.g., “Call me Tony Costello”, I noticed this statement:

He says it helps differentiate Faber-Castell from its competitors, much the same way a car company will manufacture and sell a handful of high-end sports cars while mass-producing a family coupe.

Hmm, here at pencil talk, we wrote in a post on June, 2008 regarding the perfect pencil:

This product started the line, and I think, was very important to the pencil industry, much in the way high end sports cars can stimulate overall car sales, though they themselves may sell in very small quantities.

Car industry metaphors, similes, and analogies are no doubt common today. We’d love to think the Count has read or been influenced by this blog, but that’s probably not the case.

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  1. Help!
    Having more time than money this year, thanks to the economy, I’m building Xmas presents. Some will be pencil boxes out of various exotic woods (When I had a job, it paid well). They are sized to hold six pencils “shoulder to shoulder.”

    What brand/model would you recommend? I’d like to fill them all with Rhodia, but the budget doesn’t allow.

    And, yes, if they turn out, I’ll send you one.


  2. Tom,

    Though quite off-topic, I think your idea is great.

    There is a real lack of pencil boxes and cases geared towards adults, and a nicely made exotic wood box sounds great.

    Since the wood will be highlighted, how about creating a contrast with a natural finish pencil like the General’s Cedar Pointe or the Musgrave HB? They’re both interesting pencils that many people will not be familiar with.

  3. Hello!

    I work for the Faber-Castell PR department in Germany and I can tell you for sure that we are aware of your blog and check out your posts frequently. I think there are few blogs out there who write as much about our company and products as you do. Kudos! :-)

    Distinguishing his company and products from our competitors is very important to Count Faber-Castell. But he does not like luxury for luxury’s sake. He once said the term ‘luxury item’ was suspicious to him because it has a taste of superfluousness. He likes luxury in the sense of something special, an object of extraordinary value with a superior function and special craftsmanship. In think that is what he was referring to. We always try to offer innovative products and designs. The Perfect Pencil is a good example of that. Our main focus is the point of difference, the added value which sets our products apart from the competition. That not only holds true for the luxury sector, but also for products in everyday life, like the Grip products with the ergonomic grip zone.

  4. Regarding cases: Although there are quite a few available around here (i. e. in Germany) I still prefer Japanese cases, e. g. the Nomadic PE-10 or the CUA Enveloop.

    penciladmin: Congratulations on receiving attention and especially winning recognition by one of the world’s most famous pencil manufacturers!

  5. When a common man think and use pencil, for him its never a ‘Luxury’! When we discuss about some particular brand of a Pencil, many times it is out of reach of a ‘common man’. But this does not mean that such pencils should not be produced and marketed.

    From the day ‘one’ of my association with ‘Pencil Manufacturing’ Business (Long back in 1966 when my elder brother joined a Pencil Company in India as Chemical Engineer)I am very much fond of ‘Pencil Collection’. The day I entered in this business (in 1974 after my completion of my engineering studies), I started collection of carious kinds and brands of pencils.

    My friends abroad also know about my passion for pencil collection and they keep me sending latest launched pencils.

    And those pencils like; Faber-Castell Guilloche pencils; Caran d’Ache Pencils are mainly used as Hobby Collection. A common person can not afford to use..

    If ‘one’ mean to say or call such pencil as ‘luxury’ nothing wrong in it!!

    Such pencils never cover huge market and regular production, mainly distributed for collection or promotional activities..

    Keep it up!!

    Though I manufacture so called ‘BEST’ Pencils in India for Common People, I love Facer Castel & Caran d’Ache Pencils.

    (Meet us at: Paper World 2010 at Messe Frankfurt, Stall No: A-89 in Hall No: 10.0 between 30th Jan to 2nd Feb 2010.

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