A Graf von Faber-Castell variant


Another Graf von Faber-Castell Pencil

The Guilloche version is not the only recent Graf von Faber-Castell pencil variant.

Also for sale in some markets is the original version, but without the silver plated cap.

Another Graf von Faber-Castell Pencil

I’d hesitate to call it a “discount” Graf von Faber-Castell pencil – but perhaps that wording is correct.

PenciLog (in Korea) first displayed this pencil online – perhaps a year ago? A few recently washed ashore in Canada, thanks to an erudite and scholarly reader in the US.

Another Graf von Faber-Castell Pencil

Sold in paper banded sets of three, I’m not sure if this pencil belongs in the product line.

Another Graf von Faber-Castell Pencil

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9 Replies to “A Graf von Faber-Castell variant”

  1. These are my favorite Faber-Castell pencils. I prefer them to the sterling-capped versions by far (less showy), and you get more for your money than with the “Perfect Pencil” shorties (which are outrageously priced). These will fit the Perfect Pencil holder just as well. I only wish that they were more widely available. I have only ever found them in Germany—a pity, as they are among the finest pencils in the world.

  2. Adair, these came from the US (my thanks to blog reader Sean) and are listed on the US Faber-Castell website.

    David, the format is very nice.

  3. Those are very nice pencils indeed, one of my favourites too. BTW – I think I’ve seen some old (vintage?) Collen pencils in the same design?

    Regards Henrik

  4. Hi Henrik, yes indeed! Good observation. The exact post is here. You’ll also see the Koh-I-Noor Natural “Gerippte Farbstifte”/”Grooved Coloured Pencils”, which are still manufactured today.

    The Colleen and Koh-I-Noor pencils have much finer grooves than the Graf von Faber-Castell pencils.

    You’ll also notice that the post links here. As explained to me, there was a question about whether a banner photo at my blog was showing another grooved pencil. (It was just the woodgrain giving that illusion.) Anyhow, that post helped put me in contact with Kero556, who has kindly shared with me treasures such as the Colleen Woods pencils. Thanks Kero556!

  5. I found them on the US site indeed, but at 3 pencils for $25 plus $7 shipping, well, one does hesitate. (How can such prices be justified??) They are a bit more of a bargain in Germany, where you get (as of last June) 3 for 7 Euros.

  6. I love the graf perfect pencil but I think the price faber is asking to actually use them is just ridiculous. No other graf product is anywhere near as expensive to run. &%#@!!

  7. This truly is one of those rare pencils that captures the essential nature and feel of a pencil. It doesn’t have to primp and preen itself in thick glossy lacquers, which I love as well. It simply states, “I am a PENCIL! I will inspire you to great thoughts and accomplishments.” And yeah, it would be nice if these pencils were a bit less costly.

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