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Here are three items that caught my eye this weekend:

1. The Independent’s 50 best stationery items. I learned about some interesting UK businesses such as drafting supply manufacturer Blundell Harling and online store Pencils 4 Artists.

I saw the story via papernation’s tweet. Papernation itself looks like a very interesting store.

2. Death of a Brand – BOSTON Pencil Sharpener Company at Scription. An interesting discussion and some amazing photos of these old workhorses.

3. Lamy Design – From the Hammock at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils. This look at a Lamy catalogue caught my eye because I think I have that “white pen”. I had no idea that it was so noteworthy.

Lamy White Pen

Lamy White Pen

Lamy White Pen

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  1. Not good news about Boston. I’ve got two of their dark blue electric sharpeners, one for work and one for home. I’ve also got a battery operated Boston, as well as an older “suction” mount hand crank from the 1980’s.

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