Colleen double ended pencils

Colleen double ended pencils

Colleen, a company we’ve mentioned before, makes double ended colour pencils – in round, hexagonal, and triangular shapes!

I simply cannot think of another manufacturer offering a specialty pencil in such a variety of formats.

Here is the “Mandarin Orange and Emerald Green” pencil in all three shapes:

Colleen double ended pencils

Colleen double ended pencils

Colleen double ended pencils

Offerings like these bode well for Colleen.

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7 Replies to “Colleen double ended pencils”

  1. Oh, I used these color pencils when I was a kid, but never noticed the triangular or hexagonal versions (at least not here in Singapore). The round versions which I used came in packages of 5s or 6s, 12s, 24s and 36s (I think).

    I absolutely ADORED the emerald green ones.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for a very interesting post (and your web-side).
    Do you know if there are any doubloe- ended watercolour pencils on the market? Would save place in my bag…

    Sincerely rolf

  3. I have found a variety of colleen on eBay but postage quite steep. We had hexagonal and that emerald green my favourite as well. Probably why I’m looking to buy some now. Website says established 1989…..???? I used them in primary school… 1976-1982…. Any ideas??

  4. I own the 30 pencils (60 colors) box, which seems unavailable..

    I found the quality really good for such a “set for kids”!

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