Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

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Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

Though erasable colour pencils may not be new, they remain a small specialty pencil category.

This situation might soon change, as Faber-Castell has introduced a new product in this category.

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

Aimed at children, it is a set of twelve pencils, each with the lead colour matching the pencil finish and eraser.

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

The pencils have no model number, and are marked “Radierbar/Erasable”. As well as a space to write one’s name, they notably state “Made in Germany”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this full statement on the body of a Faber-Castell pencil.

The box indicates some possible student uses, such as learning algebra or a foreign language, as well as drawing. The potential for erasable colour marks appears promising in the educational realm.

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

The box as well mentions FSC certification. I looked up the certificate (IC-COC-100002), and it unfortunately appears to be generic to Faber-Castell, with no interesting information about the species of wood, or even the part of the world it came from.

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

So how do they function? The colours seem bright, but somewhat on the pastel side. I like them.

As to the pencil’s core claim – erasure – the marks seemed to hardly erase at all with the attached erasers! This was quite disappointing, given that erasability is supposed to be the set’s main feature. Yet I’ll admit to not being surprised – this seems like an almost impossible feature to offer in a low cost children’s product.

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

With a Tombow Mono block eraser, results were much better, though some colours erase better than others.

I also compared them to colour pencils that don’t claim erasability – and these are definitely much better. So with a good block eraser (not the attached eraser), and reasonable expectations (much, but not complete erasure), they may be a fun item to try.

And a bonus – inexplicably, the “black” pencil isn’t a black colour pencil, but rather a graphite pencil.

My thanks to Gunther from Lexikaliker for sending me these pencils.

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  1. Thank you for this post. In the last years I have seen more and more colour pencils being advertised as “watercolour pencils”, but I do not recall seeing any advertised as being explicitly erasable. Strange that the black pencil is a graphite pencil. Does it reflect light like a normal graphite pencil, or is it less reflective, like the colour pencils?

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