Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil – 6

Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

Almost two years ago, I thought I had written my last word on Faber-Castell’s fantastic Perfect Pencil series. Well, quite unexpectedly, I recently saw an unusual variant.

I think I recall it or something similar from about a decade ago, and I definitely recall a recent post at Lung Sketching Scrolls about this edition.

Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

The product is a whimsical children’s version of the perfect pencil, with a brightly coloured round pencil and pencil extender adorned with a stylized rooster comb.

Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

The pencil is held by tension, and the cap removes to reveal a black plastic sharpener.

Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

I like the sense of fun.

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  1. Wow you got all its color variants! nice find. Looks like you will be having quite a bit of fun with that stash.

  2. I remember seeing them at Lung Sketching Scrolls, but I thought production was stopped quite a while ago. Great to such a variety of them. Is the pencil a standard pencil available from FC? The sharpener seems to be the same as th FC 9000 one.

  3. The pencil has no name or model number stated. It is marked:

    Obverse: Faber-Castell

    Reverse: 2=B Wasserlack Germany

    I’m not aware of being able to buy it individually, but of course I wasn’t expecting to see this perfect pencil variety either.

  4. Gives a whole new meaning to chicken scratch, does it not? I’ve noticed one very alarming thing about hunting down different Perfect Pencil variations and that is the fact that after the Graf Von Faber-Castell and UFO Perfect Pencil lines there is no definite name for any of the other models. Even the now venerated Perfect Pencil 9000 is near impossible to find even on the Faber-Castell USA website as it’s hidden under some ancient mythical search criteria that has nothing to do with Pencils or Perfection. And these lovely little roosters are just paparrazi shots of stars I may never get to see in person, how cruel. Just how does one go about hunting down this variation of the Perfect Pencil? It took me 2 years of searching and hunting to find the black version of the Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil 9000 and another 2 years to finally find a source for lack of a real name, once again a Faber-Castell plot to discourage us from finding some of their arguably best products, the Perfect Pencil Juniors in red, black and blue. Now I’m sure many of my fellow Perfect Pencil addicts share in the frustration of knowing that it is easier to find a $500 Perfect Pencil than it is a $5 or $10 Perfect Pencil. So if anyone knows of how to find such marvelous variations of the Perfect Pencil as this Chicken Coop of color please let the rest of us know. And just how does one find a source for the multiple yet unnamed Children’s Writing Twist Pencil Whatchawhocaresits? The pink one seems to pop up upon occasion but the red blue and orange versions are just more paparazzi photos of unnamed distractions in our ever increasing addiction to writing implements. I’ve come to believe that it is actually easier to find pirate treasure than it is to find most of the variations of the Perfect Pencil. Heck, the other day I even came across an original, and very affordable, 1741 printing of The Universal Penman by George Bickham while I was searching for one of the Perfect Pencil variations. Don’t get me wrong I love the hunt for the Perfect Pencil but when I can find things like rare books and pirate treasure easier it does get a bit frustrating. Please help, I too want to be able to play with more multicolored Perfect Pencils.

  5. They were found at a local stationer. I am not aware if they were “old stock” or not. I am not aware of an online source. eBay might be a place to check?

    If you read the Lung Sketching Scrolls post, Pearl Paint was Alberto’s source.

  6. Ooo, these look like they are perfect for school children! (If they are careful enough not to lose their school supplies!) Fun colors, fun design, and a convenient sharpener hidden in it!

    I haven’t seen these in the brand-name stationary stores though. Guess I have to find an independent stationary shop!

  7. I’ve found an American source for these. Go to eBay and paste or type in: The Perfect Pencil – Set of 4 Fun & Colorful Pencils!!! Or go to the eBay store artsandcrafts4you and scroll through their offerings. Enjoy.

  8. I attend the twice annual pen show at the Fountain Pen Hospital (FPH), Warren Street, NYC. The Faber-Castell sales rep (a wonderful young woman) has been known to give a few away to anyone who buys a pen or pencil (and occasionally, free even if you aren’t buying !! – like I said, wonderful). I have 4 now tucked away for future gifts because I gave 2 away to my god children (8 and 10 years) and expect them to hit me up for some more when they get used up or lost. I have never seen them for sale (the FPH doesn’t sell them). But they are as near-perfect as pencils can get. Nice soft (but not too soft) lead. Great erasers and the sharpener re-points the pencil without taking off too much of the wood barrel. Nice!

    I’ll follow the sources listed above and update everyone if I find them for sale.

    Cool site!

  9. As of today Toronto’s Laywine’s still has a blue and a yellow one, and quite a few less bright colored refill pencils.

  10. The Fountain Pen Hospital semi-annual pen show is this month. I’ll make sure to ask the Faber Castell rep where these pencils can be purchased. Wish me luck.

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