Hilroy exercise books

Hilroy exercise books

A recent post on composition books received a relatively large amount of attention. I thought it might be interesting for some to see the “Hilroy exercise book”, which has always been widely used in Canadian schools.

The map on the cover is a little different that the one I grew up, as it now incorporates Nunavut Territory:

Hilroy exercise books

Nothing fancy, but I’m sure they bring back memories for many.

Hilroy exercise books

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  1. Hate the way the map of Canada is so inconclusive. Yes, Nunavut is included but it looks as though it and Quebec are one big contiguous territory.

  2. These certainly do bring back memories for me. I’m sure I went through many of these back when I was in elementary school. I recall that there used to be another cover design as well, that, instead of a map, had a large Hilroy logo, and students would always spend much time colouring in the letters.

  3. Stephen, could you say something about how these books were used? In the classroom? For homework? Was it kept in a binder and turned in to the teacher?

  4. Saumiq, Heather, thank you for the comments.

    Michael, someone closer in years to having used these books might have a better recollection.

    Where I went to school, I think these books were used in Grades one though three, both in the classroom and for homework, and that they were handed to the teacher for corrections. Grade four saw the introduction of loose leaf paper, which Hilroy was also happy to supply.

  5. Hi,

    I have two kids in elementary school in Brampton, Ontario. They use these notebooks.

    1. They get the notebooks from school. This is a public school, so I’m happy to see that they provide notebooks, folders and duo-tangs.

    2. Almost every subject teacher gives at least one of these notebooks to the kids. My son last year had one for English Essays, Math rough work, French vocabulary and English Grammar exercises.

    3. My daughter had one in the 4th grade for English essays and another for Science experiments.

    4. We just finished this years ‘Back to school’ shopping. We went to both Walmart and Staples. My son in the 8th grade now only uses mechanical pencils. My daughter in the 5th still used wooden pencils. (Ticonderoga)



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