Stabilo Boss and Swing Cool highlighters

Stabilo Boss and Swing Cool highlighters

Did you know that Stabilo has been making the Boss highlighter since 1972?

Again thanks to Quo Vadis Canada, pencil talk has received samples of the famous Boss and newer Swing Cool highlighters.

The highlighter colours are rich and vibrant. The Boss comes in a traditional wedge form factor, which the Swing Cool’s dimensions are more similar to a pen. The Swing Cool also has a clip.

Stabilo Boss and Swing Cool highlighters

Well, Quo Vadis sent quite a few of these, so we’re going to have another draw. There are six prizes – three sets of Boss, and three sets of Swing Cool. Each set will include four highlighters. You hear that right, there are six prizes total! We’ll again random draw first the Boss then the Swing Cool sets.

To enter the draw, just leave a comment on this post before Saturday, August 28, 20:00EDT. Only one comment per person, please. Winners will be contacted by email, and prizes sent by Canada Post. Thank you Quo Vadis Canada!
Stabilo Boss and Swing Cool highlightersused in a previous draw, we have the draws for the Boss highlighters…
>>> random.randint(1,25)

And the draws for the Swing Cool highlighters…
>>> random.randint(1,25)

The winners are Jimmy, awin, Patty, Marby, Roxanne, and Futural. I will contact each of you by email. The package will be sent by Canada Post. Thank you very much to Quo Vadis Canada for supplying these great items!

25 Replies to “Stabilo Boss and Swing Cool highlighters”

  1. Yes, I did know that the Boss is around since 1972 but I knew this last year.
    I noticed highlighters just in the 90’s, at leat in my country.

    I´ve always wonder why Stabilo does not make a wonderful and suitable woodcased Stabilo BOSS highlighter Pencil, it would complete the Boss highlighter line, finally, somebody knows if Is Stabilo the highlighter inventor?

  2. I remember using these in the 1980s, when I worked briefly at a German-owned chemical company and then, when I was a student.

    Although they were first produced in 1972, I don’t remember them being sold in the UK until the 1980s.

  3. Cool! Saw the Swing Cool ad in the Montréal metro. Wanted to try it actually. Would be great to win them!!

  4. I have used the boss highlighters when I was in elementary school when I was back in Hong Kong, but I can’t seem to see any in Toronto or maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

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