Ortie Design Bullet pencil

Ortie Design Bullet pencil

Here is an excellent new pencil concept from France’s Ortie Design.

Novelty and alternate pencil designs appear regularly enough, but most seem to have the objective (often achieved) of gaining a quick smile. Here is one I like, because it is so thought provoking and disturbing.

Ortie Design Bullet pencil

The comic book “PAN!” probably needs no translation.

Ortie Design Bullet pencil

The images are used with the permission of Ortie Design, with copyright and all rights reserved by Ortie Design.


Happy New Year to all pencil talk readers!

7 Replies to “Ortie Design Bullet pencil”

  1. I’m not exactly sure I understand this. Other than maybe a twist on the famous Richelieu line about the pen and the sword, or perhaps an acknowledgment of the stress relief and catharsis in recreational target shooting, I can’t think of any kind of positive relationship a wooden pencil would have with a rifle cartridge. At first glance, the copy on their website struck me as a bit passive-aggressive.

    If intended to be sharpened down, I suppose there could be a message about disarmament. If sharpened with a knife, there might be some irony.

    Interesting that the little comic is like a little flash. Since it says “pan!” I thought “A pan in the flash?”

    This coffee is pretty good…

  2. I took it as a take on the famous Fisher bullet pen. Especially the one made out of a .375 shotgun shell.

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