8 Replies to “Italian Naval Academy red and blue pencils”

  1. Is the base color red the whole length, with the blue painted over that? Looks like there’s a bit of red paint showing where the blue ends are sharpened. Cool pencils.

  2. A great find indeed and a nice surprise. – Matt: I have that impression too, and in view of some of my red and blue pencils that have one colour over the whole length and the other over the half I think you’re right.

  3. Could someone tell me if red + blue pencils erase more cleanly than the red pencils of my youth (which seemed to just smear when erasure was attempted), and whether or not red + blue pencils stain your erasers?

  4. Congrats on your eBay surprise! Now you have me wondering what type of institutionalized usage patterns the Academia Navale might have pertaining to blue and red pencils. (Apologies penciladmin for my previously off-topic post.)

  5. Dear pencil admin,
    as you say, you want to know whole story. I hope, I can help you a little bit. This pencils were made in the year 2001 for Academia Navale. As you can smell after shave, it use linden wood. And well pigmented lead. It should write pretty nice.

    With regards

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