Düller Memo Pad

Düller Memo Pad

An unexpected local find, the Düller Memo Pad.

An elongated notepad, the paper features a dotted grid. The cover is a very nice forest green.

Shown here with a Düller Dietrich Lubs fountain pen:

Düller Memo Pad and Düller Dietrich Lubs fountain pen

4 Replies to “Düller Memo Pad”

  1. That is incredible! Any idea where I can get one? I found one place on line but the shipping was 15 bucks!

  2. I really like the proportions of the paper.
    I recently saw the Düller notebook with built-in mechanical pencil on offer (at Pedlars in Manchester). The paper looked nice, but nowhere near as nice as this memo pad on your photos.

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