Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

Following the previous post on vintage pencils, Bob from Brand Name Pencils sent some correspondence. Bob owns a complete set of Eagle Polytechnic pencils from the mid 19th century, and was kind enough to share some images.

I’ll wager that not too many products have been marketed with the likenesses of both King Maximilian II and George Washington.

The box notes that the pencils were patented April 3rd, 1860.

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

“Adapted to the use of schools and colleges,” the seven pencils range in grade from HHH to BB:

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

Amazing condition:

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

Berolzheimer, Illfelder & Co.:

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

Note that unlike the A. W. Faber pencils, the narrow side of the rectangular lead is adjacent to the glued internal side of the pencils:

Eagle Polytechnic Pencils

The Polytechnic seems to be a direct competitor and response to the Polygrade. This particular set has survived in amazing shape.

My thanks to Bob for sharing these images.

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  1. Berolzheimer? As in our very own Woodchuck? Thanks for another neat post. I’ll be referring to HB pencils as “middling” before I realize it.

  2. Beautiful photos and what an amazing set. I have a few different pencils with the Berolzheimer & Illfelder imprint dating to the 1850’s framed with a photo of Heinrich Berolzheimer who initiated the transition of the family business from Fürth to New York when he founded Eagle Pencil Co. I had forgotten that for a time the pencils were imprinted with both company names. Unfortunately I do not have any of the Polytechnic pencils in my own personal collection. Though I do have a few very interesting Eagle Diagraph pencils with knurled wood for a non slip grip that I once wrote about on a very early Timberlines post here. I see in that post I should have also referred to the great collection Bob has.

  3. I own a case of Eagle Pencil Co. British Made pencils complete with original ruler, eraser and wooden nib holder. I wonder when these date from.

  4. All, thank you for the comments!

    WoodChuck, that is a lot of family pencil history!

    Palimpsest, this page has some dates for Eagle/Berol in the UK.

    Bob, thanks very much for sharing these images.

  5. Oh, the urge to sharpen one – how could these survive 150 years without that urge being realised…amazing!!

  6. What a beautiful box set! I envy… I am contenty with the pictures.. Thanks Mr. Truby and penciladmin.

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