11 Replies to “Kozo Interior Studio walnut pencil box”

  1. A “new” available box now is the metal tin from the historic editions from Staedtler :-)
    I use the Noris tin box and one of the assembled pencils box from a pencilmaker set.

  2. Very nice-looking indeed. It does look pretty delicate though, and I would be afraid that its thin walls might get crushed among the clutter in my supply drawers.

  3. Matthias, good observation – it is is similar to a domino box.

    Joan, indeed any tin of sufficient dimension can also store pencils. :-)

    Alberto, this box is definitely for the surface of a desk or table – I don’t think it was meant to be jammed in a supply drawer. ;-)

  4. Didn’t see it fully opened – will it fit Palomino Blackwings with the long eraser? I’m just trying to work out what is so different to the wooden pencil boxes I already own…other than the magnet.

  5. Hellooooo… omg, I have fallen madly deeply in love with the pencils in the wooden pencil case. any chance you know where I can get my pencil loving hands on some?
    Thanks so much

  6. Hi Tanya,

    these pancils are from Graf von Faber-Castell. You can find them on their website and in US you can buy them straight there.

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