Sean Malone Pencil Bibliography

Sean Malone and Eberhard Faber IV
Sean Malone interviewing Eberhard Faber IV
Absinthetongue, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is an attempt to list Sean Malone’s pencil related film, online, and print citations and contributions. Corrections and additions are most welcome.

“For anyone who thinks this is about pencils, it’s not — they’re just pencils. It’s about caring for something very deeply.” – Sean Malone

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  1. Stephen, many thanks from me too for this compilation. I hope so much that someone will take on Seans legacy so that at least part of what he started is continued.

  2. Thanks for this! Do you happen to know who this Absinthetongue person is? I did not find the attached photo anyplace else before.

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