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California-friendly pencils?

An online search inadvertently led me to a recently released report from the group ForestEthics.

They rate pencils/pencil companies in terms of friendliness to the Sierra Nevada forests of California. Some of the marks are for specific pencils, while others are for entire companies.

Here are their basic ratings (see the report for details):

ForestChoice: […]

Pentel Mark Sheet Pencil

We’ve seen special pencils aimed at optical and electro-mechanical mark recognition – the vintage IBM Electrographic, and the more recent Musgrave Test Scoring Pencil.

Quite a few people seem to be interested in these pencils, so I’m pleased to be able to mention a superb modern example that I recently learned about – the […]

250th post

This is the two hundred and fiftieth post at pencil talk.

The news is good. I once worried about running out of pencils to discuss. Don’t worry, that isn’t about to happen anytime soon!

There are also now many readers from around the globe, and I’ve been privileged to exchange notes with a number […]

Tajima carpenter’s pencil

Though appearing to be a regular hexagonal pencil, the Tajima pencil is aimed at the construction trades – carpentry in particular. It is definitely a different interpretation of this pencil style than seen in North America or Europe.

The product website indicates that this pencil is highly humidity-resistant.

With a sophisticated red lead, […]

Miniature colour pencils

The Eyeball Pencil Co. makes these extreme miniature pencils.

Impractical as they may be, they work.

Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil

The Dong-a World Best Black Wood pencil is the last in our series on the pencils of Korea.

This pencil has a black matte finish and black dyed wood. To my eye, it has a very powerful minimal design. I’m told that this pencil is very hard to find, even in Korea. Though I […]