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Faber-Castell Grip 2001 pencil in black

A couple of years ago, I found some Grip 2001 pencils in red and blue finishes. There were two comments about a black version also existing. I guess the black version is even more unusual, as I’d not even seen it online, let alone in person. That recently changed, as I saw a package […]

Designphil Glass Ruler

If you’re going to have a ruler on your desk, why not a simple and beautiful Designphil Design Project Glass Ruler?

I learned about this item from the fine folks at Bundoki, and have been very pleased in my decision to order one.

Tempered glass creates interesting effects. The ruler is quite […]

Papermate Mirado Classic pencil (2010)

The closure of Sanford’s US pencil factory last year was perhaps the final chapter in the story of US pencil manufacturing’s demise.

Starting with the move of incense cedar pencil slat maker CalCedar’s manufacturing to China, and followed by Dixon’s departure to Mexico and China, Sanford’s exit was perhaps expected. Of course, the names […]

Kunio Kato and the Staedtler Mars Lumograph 80th Anniversary edition

The 2010 Academy Awards are just a couple of weeks away. Last year, we noticed that Japanese Animator Kunio Kato won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. A notable acceptance speech included giving thanks to his pencil.

It looks like Kato has not gone unappreciated by legendary pencil manufacturer Staedtler. To honour the […]

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils – 4th set

Blue is the theme of Felissimo’s fourth set of colour pencils.

I’m a bit behind in displaying these – I’ve already received the fifth set, and a Canada Post notice tells me I wasn’t in when they attempted delivery of the sixth set. Wow, 150 colour pencils here or nearby! The collection is […]

Faber-Castell erasable colour pencils

Though erasable colour pencils may not be new, they remain a small specialty pencil category.

This situation might soon change, as Faber-Castell has introduced a new product in this category.

Aimed at children, it is a set of twelve pencils, each with the lead colour matching the pencil finish and eraser.