Bosco wood pencils

Bosco wood pencils

It is a true pleasure to present an outstanding modern pencil product. Previewed here, some of the creators of the original and renowned Colleen Woods series have reprised the series with an even more impressive rendition of a multi-wood species pencil set.

Some details of the set are recorded here (audio in Japanese):

The original set was two volumes of twelve, for a total of twenty-four pencils. The new set has a more modest ten pencils. Eight repeat wood species used in the original set. I photographed these eight (new and old) together for contrast. Some have different national origins or specific gravity. The rosewood pencil in particular seems to differ in tone.

Bosco wood pencils

The new set has better typeface rendering on the pencils, and are about 3mm shorter.

Bosco wood pencils

One end exposes the leads, and the other is sealed, an appropriately sophisticated finish.

Bosco wood pencils

Like the original, the packaging is modest cardboard, though the pencils come in a pleasing maple tray..

Bosco wood pencils

One of motivations for reviving pencil talk was the ability to discuss truly great pencil products, and this set meets that criteria. There are a few matters around the origins of this set that I don’t fully understand, and there seem to be presentation variations in different markets. I’ll mention a major difference from the original set that may be of interest to readers – these are currently for sale in multiple markets.

Bosco wood pencils

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7 Replies to “Bosco wood pencils”

  1. Thanks Matt! I have seen these pencils at Ito-Ya, Amazon Japan, and Choosing Keeping (where I bought my set). I am surprised it is not sold out.

    Sean, I agree, this is a labour of love. The small run (some internet sites claim 200, others 300), challenges in the production, and time involved are humbling to contemplate.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Choosing Keeping now has on less in stock and I have a lot less in my bank account :)

  3. My maiden name is Boscow which used to be spelled Bosco. Lol, wish my dad was alive to see these pencils! They look beautiful!

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