Mirado pencil discontinued after one century

pencil talk has learned that the famed Mirado pencil has been discontinued.

From correspondence with Newell Brands Office Products:

[T]he manufacturing of our Mirado Classic Pencils are already discontinued and we do not have a direct replacement at this time.

The Mirado is a global classic. It and the predecessor Mikado have over a dozen mentions in the definitive pencil book, The Pencil by Henry Petroski.

The Mirado line has been the subject of several pencil talk posts:

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A blog reader, “B. Johnson”, sent some information about this several days ago, but I wanted to confirm the information with Newell / PaperMate before sharing.

The business logic is elusive. These pencils probably aren’t a revenue leader for Newell, but with such brand recognition, they must still sell. They have been regularly seen at big box stores for years.


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3 Replies to “Mirado pencil discontinued after one century”

  1. Yes, they’ve been available even in Wal-Mart — Naturals, Black Warriors, and the yellow Papermate Mirados. This is sad news.

    Tomorrow morning I will pull out a Mirado to write with.

  2. I just received 6 boxes from amazon. The box shows a pencil marked “Mexico” but the pencils have no such marking. Not sure what that’s about. These are dated 2012.

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