Pencils and Music

Please take a look at pencils and music, a new blog focused on great writing implements and paper for music composition.

It will not disappoint those who like Graf von Faber-Castell’s fine creations, and the first few posts show some of the rare and long retired early pencil versions.

On the web

Here are three items that caught my eye this weekend:

1. The Independent’s 50 best stationery items. I learned about some interesting UK businesses such as drafting supply manufacturer Blundell Harling and online store Pencils 4 Artists.

I saw the story via papernation’s tweet. Papernation itself looks like a very interesting store.

2. Death of a Brand – BOSTON Pencil Sharpener Company at Scription. An interesting discussion and some amazing photos of these old workhorses.

3. Lamy Design – From the Hammock at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils. This look at a Lamy catalogue caught my eye because I think I have that “white pen”. I had no idea that it was so noteworthy.

Lamy White Pen

Lamy White Pen

Lamy White Pen

mt masking tape fun

Well, I was wrong in thinking yesterday’s post was the last of the year.

At Scription, there is an interesting post on using mt masking tape to change the look of a pencil. I love the effort, but I’m skeptical about how usable the resulting pencil becomes – is there an uncomfortable seam? What happens when you try to sharpen the pencil?

Incidentally, Scription is an example of the type of commercial blog I like – original photos showing items in use, not stock PR shots, and informed commentary, often critical, about stationery items.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share some other uses of this tape. Especially at this time of year, there are these cardboard tubes awaiting the recycling bin in my household:

mt masking tape project

Well, with a little bit of tape, they are nicely repurposed:

mt masking tape project

The tape was purchased from

The pencil heist

Mongol 482 pencils

A recent traffic surge reveals a lot of people searching for Mongol pencils. What’s behind this sudden curiosity?

Apparently, a 17 year old graffiti artist took a box of Mongols from a Damien Hirst exhibit at the Tate Gallery. This was in retaliation for a past copyright dispute, which saw a collage piece from the 17 year old siezed.

The box of pencils is said to be worth £500,000.

Damien Hirst’s stolen pencils: the art world loves a stunt (The Telegraph)